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Be the Ruler: Britannia review

4.2 / 5

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Be the Ruler: Britannia Review

Be the Ruler: Britannia is an app created by Be the Ruler: Britannia was first published on . Be the Ruler: Britannia is accessible on the following platforms: Steam.

About This Game

Procedurally-generated RPG with lots of hard decisions to make. Set in early medieval England.
Rule Wessex and conquer other kingdoms. Unite England before William The Conqueror shows up. No fantasy stuff, only down-to-earth and sometimes gruesome reality of early Middle Ages.

Different Story Every Time

Instead of a fixed story arch, we’ve created a nebula of branching-out subplots. The game generates them in a different way every time you play.
Your decisions, personal traits of your kings and other characters, relations with NPCs and social groups, developments in rival kingdoms – all this shapes the timeline with thousands of events.

Build a Dynasty

Choose a wife for your king and remember: your heir will inherit some of his parents’ attributes. Raise your children, further molding their traits with kind or callous words and deeds.
Maintain decent relations with the nobles, the royal family and the church. Your son will need their votes during witan if he is to be the next ruler.

Construct And Conquer

Battle with enemy kingdoms, taking over their provinces. Defend against Vikings. Build good relations with your direct vassals who rule the provinces in your name. You don’t want to deal with sudden revolts inside your kingdom.
Gather taxes and invest in market towns, ports, mills, mines and abbeys. Develop your domain, gain material and political profits. After all, the crown needs a lot of silver and prestige to operate.

Look And Listen

Admire the original soundtrack, as well as hundreds of handmade graphics and animations that perfectly reflect the gameplay character. Not bad for a tiny team, huh?

Be the Ruler: Britannia

4.2 / 5

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