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Drunk Santa Simulator Review

Drunk Santa Simulator is an app designed by Live Motion Games. Drunk Santa Simulator was first published on . Drunk Santa Simulator is accessible on Steam.

Drunk Santa Simulator is the simulator you have been waiting for since your first Xmas. Become Santa, a raging alcoholic with anger management issues. Discover how shitty Santa's job is, how annoying all those letters and the bloody elves really are. But when you get close to having enough and quitting, use your trusty bottle of vodka to power up with XXXmas spirit and keep going.

Make your elves work

The elves need a little something stronger to get going. Help them out by giving them something good to drink and they will show their gratitude by using their new found strength for making presents for you to deliver.

Deliver presents

Customize your sleigh for better performance and looks. Pack your cargo so it fits, put those Tetris skills to a test. Take good care of your reindeer, the better they feel further and faster you will go. Be careful when you're high and up in the air - it's easy to get into an accident or fall off when you've had a little bit too much of the good stuff.

Sneak in

People don't believe you exist. That means if they see you, you will end up on youtube and the news. You don't want that to happen! Use stealth, the environment your cunning and good alcohol to find a way into peoples' homes without getting caught or leaving a trace of your presence.

Make decisions

You are Santa. All those letters are addressed to you. You make the call if little Johnny gets that bike he always wanted. Maybe he doesn't deserve it? Maybe, he should be punished instead? It's always up to you, and the only person you answer is yourself.

Stock up on supplies

Remember how people were taught to leave cookies for Santa? Well, that simply won't do. You will need something with a little bit more power. Once you drink that, you will need something with a lot of calories. So make yourself at home in other people's homes and always be ready to take whatever food and drink and more drink that you so rightfully deserve.


Difficult situations call for complex solutions. Keep your wits about you and be ready to improvise whenever necessary. No solutions is off limits, sometimes only the most crazy ideas will solve your problem. Maybe you will need the kind of inspiration that can only be found at the bottom of a bottle of vodka. With that, a crazy idea might seem more plausible... and it just might work.

Drunk Santa Simulator

4.2 / 5

Drunk Santa Simulator Logo
Author: Live Motion Games
Size: 20 GB available space

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